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For months, I woke up many mornings with a heavy feeling in my chest, unsure why this sadness and heaviness lingered despite my attempts at positive thinking. Seeking help, I found Tom Skotidas at Intermind, whose therapy sessions (9 over two months) proved invaluable. He helped me become aware of unconscious patterns in my emotions and thinking, and his use of behavioral experiments and role-plays was transformative. Defining and sharpening my core values with Tom’s guidance has been most impactful, providing a daily compass for my journey towards becoming my best self. Since working with Tom, I haven’t felt that sadness or heaviness, and I remain grateful for his skillful support.
Thomas N., Sydney
I was feeling out of sorts and had been experiencing bouts of depression for a short while. I knew of Tom Skotidas and his practice, Intermind, through his content on social media. I made contact, and immediately felt comfortable with Tom’s therapy philosophy and a sense that he would be pragmatic and non-judgmental in his approach. We had four therapy sessions in total. Tom helped me discover ways to better understand why I was feeling the way I did, and generate a positive mindset.
Amy F., Melbourne

In 2023 I experienced three major mental health issues: one originating from childhood trauma, the second from marital conflict, and the third from workplace bullying. I saw Tom Skotidas at Intermind for six sessions. I had seen therapists in the past and had previously studied psychotherapy myself. Tom’s style of psychotherapy is unique. It is awareness-raising and experiential. His therapy enabled me to become aware of thoughts, emotions, and behaviour patterns that I had either ignored or had never reflected on. He helped me express these in a way that healed a large part of my trauma. He also helped me identify my values and who I want to be as a mother, wife, and professional. After each session I felt a sense of self-mastery, resilience, and a plan for the future.

P. Packiam, Sydney

I had one psychotherapy session with Tom Skotidas at Intermind. Following the session, I decided to do things that in the past would have caused me painful self-judgement. This time there was no inner critic, no second thoughts. It was so pleasantly surprising to live without the constant self-criticism. I have an intense feeling of peace and truce with myself.

Elli L., Melbourne

In the last 12 months my family situation changed dramatically, upending my personal life. I needed to work with a therapist who would go beyond an endless series of “And how do you feel about that?” I needed a therapist who would understand my new reality, know how to collaborate with me, and use effective psychotherapy models to help me cope with my new situation. I have had four sessions so far with Tom Skotidas at Intermind. In that time, we have built a strong relationship. I have never felt judged. I am steadily growing my awareness of my behavioural patterns, improving my interpersonal skills, and building my emotional resilience to cope with (and eventually thrive) in my new life.

Cazz B., Sydney

I had two sessions with Tom Skotidas at Intermind. In both sessions, I shared mental health challenges that I had been experiencing for several months. Tom understood my challenges and was able to help me express my thoughts and emotions in a way that I had never expressed before. Even though the sessions were difficult, I experienced relief, and then peace. I even got my appetite back. Most importantly, I felt a sense of control over my emotions that I did not have before therapy. Tom helped me get my life back together.

Nikkie S., Sydney

I saw Tom Skotidas at Intermind for three sessions, to help me deal with mental distress stemming from professional issues. Tom’s approach to psychotherapy is best described as experiential. Instead of talking about my issues, he got me to talk to them. We also used role plays and behaviour experiments to simulate different scenarios. Each time these interventions produced loads of new awareness for me. Initially I found his approach more emotionally confronting compared to other therapists I had seen, but Tom did a great job of creating safe therapy space for me. The work we did has helped me manage my emotional and behavioural patterns, and become more capable of moving toward my best self – both personally and at work.

Amy K., Sydney

As my psychotherapist, Tom has helped me develop the awareness and skills I need to better understand my emotions, thoughts, and behaviours as I aim for personal and professional growth. The work we did to define my core values was especially transformative. We have had some really hard sessions, but I have never felt alone. His ability to help me be honest with myself, look deeper, and identify how I am feeling – and my responses to those emotions – is outstanding. Tom is incredibly positive (with a good sense of humour) but real at the same time. Our collaboration has enabled me to improve my decision making in life and in business.

M. Friedberg, Auckland, New Zealand

Meet our Principal Therapist

My name is Tom Skotidas. I am a Psychotherapist and the Director of Intermind. I help individuals overcome their mental health challenges, using evidence-based psychotherapy.

Tom Skotidas - Psychotherapist, Couples Therapist, and Family Therapist

We engage all of our clients with compassion, collaboration, and unconditional acceptance.

We Use Evidence-Based Therapy Models to Help You Thrive.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT guides you to embrace your thoughts and feelings rather than fighting against them. Through mindful action and clarifying your values, it supports you in building a rich and meaningful life while handling painful experiences.

Chairwork Psychotherapy

Chairwork allows you to engage with different aspects of yourself or with others in a structured manner. Using chairs to represent different perspectives or voices, it facilitates deeper self-exploration, and helps you to resolve internal conflicts and develop a healthy self-view..

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT empowers you to address negative thought patterns, helping you to develop more balanced and positive ways of thinking. CBT helps you learn practical skills to manage anxiety, depression, and other challenges, fostering a healthier mindset.

Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT)

EFT encourages you to embrace and understand your emotional experiences. Through exploring emotional states in therapy, EFT empowers you to create a healthy relationship with your emotions, leading to greater well-being and resolved inner conflicts.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy invites you to foster self-awareness by focusing on your present experiences and perceptions. It encourages holistic healing by integrating fragmented parts of self, facilitating personal growth and helping you to respond to life situations more authentically and spontaneously.

Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT)

IPT addresses relationship issues. Through dialogue and role play, it helps you improve your interpersonal communication and relationship building skills. In doing so, it increases your sense of belonging while reducing depressive symptoms.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing helps you identify your goals and reasons for change. The method then helps you overcome ambivalence, sharpen your intrinsic motivators, and develop a plan of action.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

SFBT encourages you to envisage the future you desire and identify the steps to achieve it. Focusing on solutions rather than problems, it helps you leverage your existing strengths and resources, fostering swift and sustainable change.

Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy helps you identify and change deep-seated patterns or “schemas” that govern your life. By understanding these, you can break free from self-defeating habits, fostering healthier relationships with yourself and others, and navigating life with renewed insight and balance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is our fee structure for Individual Therapy:

  • Standard Session (60 minutes): $195
  • Extended Session (75 minutes): $230
  • Intensive Session (90 mins): $270
  • Single-Session Therapy (120 mins): $330

Please note:

  • All of our prices include GST and transaction fees.
  • We are unable to offer Medicare rebates for Individual Therapy.
  • Medicare does not offer rebates for Couples Therapy or Family Therapy.

Yes, we can have sessions via Online Meeting or over a Phone Call.  You can read more here.

Yes, we work with individuals who are 18 years or older. We are happy to work with individuals who are 16 – 17 years of age if they have been referred by a medical partner or allied health partner.

Yes, we warmly welcome all individuals, regardless of their gender orientation.

We recommend booking a free initial consultation. We will meet online for 15-20 minutes and discuss your challenges, without any obligation. You can book an initial consult here.

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