Why Refer to Intermind

The Power of Partnership

As healthcare professionals address the biological and physiological aspects of a client’s health, a psychotherapy partner can help identify and treat underlying cognitive, emotional, and behavioural factors that might be contributing to a client’s physical symptoms.

Below you will find some reasons you can trust Intermind to help your patients or clients overcome their mental health and relationship issues.

Client Satisfaction

We are dedicated to helping our clients overcome their mental health challenges and thrive. We engage all of our clients with compassion, collaboration, and unconditional acceptance. We invite you to read our client testimonials that attest to our approach.

Our People

Our principal psychotherapist, Tom Skotidas, holds a Graduate Diploma of Counselling and has undergone advanced training in multiple evidence-based psychotherapy models. You can watch our videos, read our articles, and listen to our podcast to learn more about Tom’s approach to psychotherapy. You can also read more about Tom on his LinkedIn profile..

Customised Psychotherapy Strategies

We can offer Single-Session Therapy. and Brief Therapy services to your patients or clients who require mental health support but are reluctant to invest in long-term psychotherapy. Our Progressive Therapy service supports your patients or clients who are likely to require 11 – 20 sessions to overcome their challenges.

Evidence-Based Treatments

Intermind employs multiple evidence-based therapy models to treat your patients and clients, including Chairwork Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Schema Therapy, and CBT.

Multiple Locations & Formats

We can offer multiple locations and therapy session formats to your patients or clients. We can meet in person at our rooms in Surry Hills, Concord, or the Sydney CBD. We can also conduct online (telehealth) therapy via Video Call platforms such as Zoom, Apple FaceTime, and WhatsApp Video.

Want to Refer a Patient or Client of Yours?

If you’d like to refer a patient or client of yours to Intermind, you can contact us to arrange a conversation, or send us an email on referral@intermind.com.au.