Therapy Insights: Videos

Psychotherapy Strategies for Individuals, Couples, and Families.

The Brief Therapist With Tom Skotidas (Podcast)

Episode 1: Understand Your Emotions to Understand Yourself.

What Are Primary Emotions?

What Are Secondary Emotions?

What Are Maladaptive Secondary Emotions?

Why Can’t We Just Sit with Our Primary Emotions? Here Are The Reasons.

Primary vs Secondary Communication:
The Big Difference in Effectiveness

How to Develop Awareness of Your Primary Emotions Through Chain Analysis

Full-Length Video of Episode 1

Presentation: Workplace Psychotherapy

Watch Tom Skotidas present to members of ICON APAC. Using evidence-based psychotherapy, Tom helps his professional clients achieve greater self-awareness, construct behaviours that are aligned to their values, and develop mental resilience.

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